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Best Personal Blender Reviews: The sheer benefits of drinking fresh fruit juice & smoothies have been demonstrated over the course of past few years. Not only, they boost your immune system, but also they keep you healthy and energetic. Needless to mention, they are also rich in terms of minerals, fibers, and vitamins. Plus, they accelerate your metabolism rate, lower the risk of acute constipation & help you to easily overcome other digestive problems.

But, the branded artificial fruit juices that are available in supermarkets & shopping malls can’t offer you the similar benefits. Thus, the best idea is – to prepare fresh juices & smoothies at your home (at your own comfort and convenience). To make your job easier, this article will acquaint you with the “Best Personal Blenders” that are currently available on the market. These personal blenders are just ideal for preparing soups, juices, smoothies & other concoctions.

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The 5 Best Personal Blender Reviews of 2016-2017

Best Personal Blender Reviews – Reveal the Top 5 Blenders: Undoubtedly, a personal blender is a great kitchen appliance! So, if you’re not sure how can you pick the best personal blender for your kitchen, then don’t worry more! This article will reveal a detailed description of the five best personal blenders & their individual reviews. So, let’s take a quick look.

Nutri Ninja Pro BL450

This small yet powerful kitchen appliance is another useful personal blender in its category that helps you to easily unlock all the potential benefits of both fruits and veggies. Featuring a great performance, this blender breaks down fruits & vegetables and helps you to prepare nutrient juices within a snap!

Personal Blender with Professional Power: Featuring a 900-Watts powerful built-in motor, this blender offers you a superior “Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction Performance”. Thus, you can easily prepare fresh juices & smoothies that taste incredibly delicious. Plus, they are even more nutritious.

Frozen Blending: Apart from preparing juice & smoothies, you can also use this personal blender to crush ice and other frozen fruits in order to prepare some cold, chilly healthy drinks & smoothies.

Prepares Juice with Great Consistency: When it comes to preparing juices or smoothies that have great consistency, this blender doesn’t have any flaw or exception! It can easily crush through ice, skins of fruits & veggies, stems, and seeds & prepare juices that have a smooth and even consistency.

Easy to Use: Even if you’re a novice, you can easily use this blender without any glitch! All you will need to twist on the sip, seal the lid and that’s it! You’re now ready to enjoy a glass of fresh juice.

Dishwasher Safe: All the parts of this blender are BPA free & dishwasher safe.

So, if you’re looking for a handy personal blender that will allow you to prepare juice & smoothies easily, quickly, and effortlessly – this blender will be just apt for you!

Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender Travel Lid

Are you looking for a single-serve personal blender for your kitchen? Well, if yes, then you can also try using this blender. It’s one of the best personal blenders that is manufactured by a well-known brand, Hamilton. Now, take a close look at its key features.

An Ultimate Personal Blender: Whether you want to prepare smoothies, shakes, juices, marinades, baby formula, or salad dressings – this is the ultimate blender that helps you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Compact Design: It features a cute yet compact design that is useful if you’re having a small & cozy kitchen. Plus, this appliance is portable too.

Efficient Motor: Featuring an incredibly efficient motor of 175-watt, this blender provides you a fast and reliable performance.

Easy to Handle: You can easily use this blender with its “one-touch operation”. All you will need to – use the On/Pulse button to operate it.

If you’re really keen to prepare smooth and evenly blended drinks with the desired consistency and adequate taste, no matter whichever fruits or veggies you prefer to use – unhesitantly you can try & use this personal blender.

Cuisinart CPB-300 350 Watt BPA-Free Sleek Electronic Touchpad with LED Indicator Lights

From a myriad of available options, if you’re really confused to pick the best personal blender for your kitchen – then here’s another blender that you can definitely use. It’s a slim, sleek, smart, compact, and powerful blender that makes smoothies and juices in a flash!

Sleek Design: Considering the problem of small living space & cozy kitchen, this blender has been designed in such a way that can easily fit any kitchen. It’s sleek, slim, and portable.

Reliable Performace: When it comes to choosing a great personal blender, performance is the greatest factor that you’ll need to consider! This small personal blender delivers a big-blender performance with its built-in 350-watt motor and an ultra-sharp blade (made of stainless steel). It allows you to mince herbs, prepare juices, and whip up several custom drinks.

Easy to Operate: This blender comes with a sleek & user-friendly electronic touchpad & LED indicator lights while allowing you a smooth and seamless operation.

Dishwasher Safe: All of the parts are both shatter resistant & dishwasher safe. Thus, you can easily clean it up (post usage).

Obviously, this appliance will be a fashionable and attractive addition to any kitchen. It’s a real timesaver which helps to easily run your daily errands!

Magic Bullet Nutri-bullet Pro 900 Blender/Mixer (15 Piece Set)

In this review Magic Bullet Nutri-bullet Pro 900 Blender – the fourth blender that will be reviewed for your convenience is another powerful personal blender that comes with a 15-Piece set. Let’s now reveal its striking features :

Powerful Motor: This blender is packed with a superior motor (900-watt motor) that features an incredible performance. Not only, it will assist you to easily prepare your favorite juices with a lightning fast speed, but also it will eventually make your job even much easy & effortless.

15-piece Set: The main feature of this blender is its 15-piece supply that includes Extractor Blade, Colossal Cup, Tall Cup, Small Cup, Regular Lip Ring, Lids, and much more useful vessels for your kitchen.

Simple to Use: You can easily use this blender just by pushing and twisting it.

This blender is really brilliant & useful. Once you have this appliance in your kitchen – it will surely make your cooking life easy, mess-free & hassle-free!

Oster Simple Blend 100 10-Speed Blender with Blend and Go Cup

With this personal blender, you can now enjoy chunk-free smoothies & shakes, puree fresh vegetable smoothies, grind coffee beans, shred or grate cheese for tacos, salads, pizza and more. This blender is just perfect for preparing everyday meals & snacks.

10-Speed Control: This blender comes with a “10-Speed Control”, thus allowing you endless possibilities of preparing any healthy drink of your choice. Also, you can prepare smoothies, soups, sauces, dips, and much more too.

Efficient Motor: This blender features an excellent motor (700-watts). Not only it helps you to puree, chop, grind, or prepare juices, but also it features an amazingly fast ice crushing power that crushes ice cubes efficiently.

Pulse Feature: for a more precise blending control, it offers you a “Pulse Feature”.

With all these incredible features, this blender is the best personal blender in its category.

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ManufacturerSharkNinjaHamilton BeachCuisinartHomeland HousewaresOster
Item model numberBL45051101BACPB-300NB9-1501006706-BG3-000
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The Final Words

With this article, you have now revealed the “Best Personal Blender Reviews”. These are the top 5 personal blenders in its category. These modern kitchen appliances are incredibly useful & insanely helpful. Plus, they come with a compact yet sleek design which easily fit your kitchen counter space.

Now, take your time to read through the “Best Personal Blender Reviews”, identify the best blender that suits your needs, prepare smoothies, juices, fresh & healthy drinks, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.