Breville Immersion Blender BSB510XL Control Grip Review

Breville Immersion Blender BSB510XL Control Grip Review

This post is about Breville Immersion Blender BSB510XL Control Grip Review. The Breville Immersion Blender BSB510XL Control Grip is a great blending machine that has a great design and high-performance features. It features a redesigned blade system that offers effortless blending, a base that is bell-shaped and an internal ribbing-break suction to allow the user more control and effective blending.

The machine includes an ergonomically optimized handle that is designed to comfortably fit your hand. The bender’s trigger operation maintains your hand in a natural position which increases the control and stability. The Breville immersion blender has a soft touch finish which ensures the machine is easy on the user’s hand always.

The machine is accessible for purchase via Amazon and you should not hesitate to order your Breville immersion blender and work on all your blending needs.

Breville Immersion Blender Features

The Breville immersion blender has the following great features;

Ergonomically designed

It includes an ergonomic design that reduces hand strain. The design involves a trigger operation that ensures your hand assumes a position that is more natural for greater control and stability. The design has a soft-touch finish which increases user comfort and decreased slipping. Its bell-shaped base together with the internal ribbing decreases suction for more control and better blending results.

Powerful motor

The Breville immersion blender has a very powerful motor of 280W. The powerful motor produces circulations that ensure that all your recipes’ ingredients are evenly blended. The motor also has 15 Variable speed settings meant for precise control which makes the blender very versatile.


Other great features

Other great features of the machine include;

  • 1. Variable speed: 15 settings for proper control
  • 2. Six inch extra-long cord: for increased portability and movement
  • 3. Ergonomically designed: for waned hand strain
  • a. Trigger operation: the hand take up a more natural position for increased stability and control
  • b. Soft touch finish: for increased consolation and waned slipping
  • 4. 280-Watt Motor
  • 5. Eight inch immersion depth: for blending massive quantities in tall pots and containers
  • 6. Bell-shaped base: revolutionary shape plus internal ribbing minimize suction for greater control and more expert blending
  • 7. Stainless steel ice pounding blades
  • 8. Non-scratch guard that protects pans and pots from scratches
  • 9. Compact storage: blending jug houses the chopping bowl for simple processing and convenient storage
  • 10. Storage lid: redouble as a non-slip base

The breville control grip together with the other great features of this blender machine make it worth purchase and you should not hesitate ordering one from amazon


Customer reviews and ratings that have been displayed online are a great source of details about the Breville immersion blender. It is highly recommended to go through them before your purchase, since they are reviews from customers with real experience of the product’s services. Finding the most correct Breville blender review provides a solution to your needs.

The blender’s plastic mixing container has been said to be nicely designed together with the handle meant for securing the container during by most customers. The Breville control grip has been highly appreciated according to many online reviews from customers.

The powerful motor is another great feature which has been said to enable the blender to effortlessly blend smoothies, soups, milk shakes, soups, onions, vegetables and much more. Most customers have also shown appreciation for the variable speed controls and ease of cleaning.

The blender lacks any serious demerits apart from few reports from malfunctions during purchase which have been resolved accordingly.



The counter-top blender has a weight of 3 pounds which makes it very portable. Its length, width and height are 2.5, 3 and 16.2 inches respectively.

The Breville immersion blender is affordably priced at $91.99 on and comes with free shipping. This is why you should not hesitate to order for one as soon as possible and deal with all your blending needs


The Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender is generally great with effective features that enhance its efficient performance. The bender is perfect for blending soups, dips, salsa, smoothies and much more. The bender’s excellence in multi-tasking in blending, whipping, emulsifying, and pureeing makes it entirely worth having.

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