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I believe myself to have rhythm. Maybe not a ton, but enough. I am too shy to dance at parties or weddings but I could carry a tune and I had been a song-leader in middle school and high school, so you understand, I can proceed to a fantastic jock jams song. Have you ever been to a severe spin class? Like, at a real studio with a dark area and incredibly loud music. It is difficult and in a season where I am short on free time, it feels like the most effective workout in an hours time.

So, this instructor I enjoy, Catalina, she plays great music, the majority of which I don’t know but I can tell it is hip. She has dark curly hair which she wears up and is bleached at the floor and she says things like “you would you” (the consent I take upon myself to sit down in the saddle for a moment while we’re supposed to be up sprinting). She instructs the class sort of like you are dancing on the bike. You keep this cadence with your pedals and you follow her choreography to crunch on the bike and thrust your hips back and forth and she provides encouraging little snippets throughout.

Unfortunately, there’s a giant mirror in front so you must watch yourself attempt to follow her moves and I actually laugh a little bit about how off-beat I usually am. But I’m sweating! And I am wearing stretchy clothes to really work out! So I do not care that much. I just recently started exercising again, and not only for vanities sake, which I’ve used as motivation before but for my mental health also. I’ve had a difficult time adjusting back to life because Cleo joined our family.

For me, it was tougher in a very different manner than the transition to one child. It has been largely hormonal, together with lack of sleep and alone time, and unrealistic expectations which is the Achilles Heel of my life. I appreciated this vulnerable post from Anna. It took a lot of months to figure out that doing one little thing for myself every day, makes me a better mom and wife and individual to other people. It does not have to be large, Perhaps a spin class, a short walk with children, a date that is humorous,

Or making myself a real lunch and sitting down to consume it. I can not do all of these things daily, but I can usually do one of them and that helps minimize the frustrations. When you invest a large portion of your day caring for others, there needs to be some point when you recharge your own batteries or you will deplete yourself. I’m only suggesting this because I was attempting to be the “every woman” for a long time. Some days I still find myself trying, but it’s exhausting. I am in process of balancing the energy needed to care for my family, but not giving up things that fill me up to do so. I can not do it all, and asking for help or giving up things or ordering takeout does not mean I failed. I don’t think you must have children to relate to this feeling.

So I come home from said courses with my ears ringing and hungry. I have eaten breakfast prior and it is too early for lunch but a hearty smoothie can tide me over. My default is some blend of almond milk, protein powder, frozen banana, cinnamon, cocoa and peanut butter but now I mix it up with this one I found in David and Luise’s new book.


Recipe adapted from Green Kitchen Smoothies by David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl

I added the avocado to David and Luise’s recipe since I have found that adding some organic fats, be it avocado, flax meal, nut butter, or even all three when I am feeling ravenous, staves off my appetite much better than a smoothie without any fat. I’m still breastfeeding very frequently and need that excess fat in my diet too. Additionally, it helps balance blood sugar, despite the fact that this specific smoothie isn’t super sweet. If this is behaving as a meal for you, a 1/4 cup old-fashioned oats can help thicken it up.

1 small frozen banana
Half of a small avocado
1 gigantic handful baby spinach or other leafy green
1 Tbsp. plant-based protein powder fresh grated ginger
1 cup coconut water
juice of half a lime
a few mint leaves, optional

In a high-powered blender, combine all ingredients until completely smooth. Chill if desired. This smoothie is best enjoyed the day it’s made.

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