Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender Review

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5/5 on December 22, 2016

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Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender is an efficient personal-size blender that prepares any nutritious smoothies on the go. Needless to mention, this product delivers all the mouthwatering & delicious-tasting flavors of any restaurant smoothies or frozen drinks within a few seconds.

The best part is – this particular blender allows you personalize or customize your recipes, reshape your mixology skills & control your portions (avoiding wastage) without any glitch. Plus, its durable stainless steel blades & pulse blending action prepare a wide variety of great-tasting juices, smoothies, shakes and much more too.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender Key Features

An Absolutely Versatile Product

This product is really great for making any types of smoothies, milkshakes, baby formula, juices marinades, salad dressings, and other beverages. This versatile product features the durable & reliable stainless steel cutting blades that easily blend into smoothies & shakes using both frozen and fresh fruits in the mixture.

Plus, it retains all the natural fibers & minerals while preparing the juice or smoothies and provides you a glass of nutrient drink.

Compact & Portable

Even if you’re having a sheer shortage of space or you have a cozy kitchen, then also this product will be apt for you. Its built-in compact design is just ideal for any small living spaces & it offers the on-the-go portability too.

It even features the convenient wrap-around cord that can be tucked away post usage.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender Other Important Features

  • Efficient Motor: Its 175-watt motor delivers all the power that you’ll need for a fast, smooth & reliable performance.
  • Travel-Friendly Blending Jars: This product comes with travel-friendly blending jars that can be further used as portable cups which fit any car drink holder.
  • BPA & Dishwasher Safe: The blender jars are BPA free. Plus, the jars & lids are also dishwashers safe.
  • One-touch Operation: Its easy & simple one-touch operation allows you to control the blender using the associated ON/PULSE button.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

Whenever you purchase any product, you often look through the customers or users reviews in order to understand the product’s utility, reliability, and usefulness. Similarly, the exclusive Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender features to be one of the top-selling products on Amazon in its category.

The product has already received great customer feedbacks & ratings from the original buyers or authentic users. As a whole, most of the customer reviews are positive & they’re unconditionally satisfied with this useful kitchen accessory.

Few Negatives

A few people have complained that if you hold down the button for a significantly longer time, you may experience a little burning smell that is coming out from the motor.

However, in order to avoid this problem, it’s always recommended to pulse the start button rather than to keep the blender running.

Product Colors, Size & Type

This is is basically a small & compact kitchen blender which comes with transparent blender jars. Just on the front of these jars, you will notice measuring lines that provide you enough freedom & flexibility to easily mix up your preferred ingredients.

This personal blending machine comes with portable travel cups (plus drinking lid with a spout) that allow easy sipping. Also note, it is a Single-Serve Blender and the quantity is ideal for single usage.

Final Words

Overall, Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender is a versatile, lightweight, easy-to-use, and inexpensive personal blender. The product offers a wide array of useful features at an extremely low price.

Therefore, this product is well worth your investment.

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