Nutri Ninja Blender Auto-iQ Compact System (BL491) Review

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5/5 on August 10, 2016

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Nutri Ninja Blender Auto-iQ Compact System (BL491) is an amazing blending machine that features a Smooth Boost Technology that allows you to customize your experience of drink-making whether you need high performance or Nutrient Extraction. The blender offers options of choosing whether you need drinkable nutrient juices that are delicious or preparation of ultra-creamy frozen smoothies all with just a touch of a control button.

The compact blender machine has a 40 oz. Blend and Preparation bowl which adds to its functionality by creating healthy drinks and meals easily. The machine offers even chopping, perfect dough blends and smooth purees.

The Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Compact System also includes a stainless steel cup which is double-walled to keep your frozen smoothies cooler for up to four hours which makes this unit the best Ninja blender and worth purchasing on the Amazon website.

Nutri Ninja Blender Features

The Nutri Ninja blender includes the following features that have been discussed briefly to show their benefits.

Smooth Boost Technology

The Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ Compact System features a Smooth Boost Technology which lets you customize your blending experience. This gives you full control over the textures of your ingredients and recipes which makes your drink-making experience a success. Moreover, the technology provides for vitamin and Nutrient extraction option which is a great added advantage to this machine.

40 oz. XL Multi-Serve Nutri Ninja

The 40 oz. XL Multi-purpose Nutri Ninja is a greatly ideal container for creating drinks and meals for your entire family in only a few seconds. The container is BPA free which ensures you have your healthy recipes blended well. You will be able to blend a wide range of ingredients in large amounts which makes this blender machine very convenient for use at home


Other great features for this Nutri Ninja blender include;

  • Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction which works in combination with the Pro Extractor Blades to break down entire fruits and vegetables for juices that refreshing and full of nutrients.
  • A powerful motor for high-Performance and high quality blending
  • A stainless steel cup that is double-walled to keeps your frozen smoothies cooler for longer (up to four hours).
  • The blender comes with a 5-year full warranty.

These great features make this machine the best Ninja blender and you should ensure to acquire one from amazon to enjoy the numerous benefits of the blender.


Online customer reviews and ratings are a highly recommended source of your research information when looking to acquire one of this great blenders. It is very vital to quickly go through customer reviews and ratings so as to catch a glimpse of what other customers are saying about the product so as to ensure that you buy the best Ninja blender that suits your needs.

The Nutri Ninja blender Auto-iQ Compact System (BL491 has been reviewed greatly due to a number of reasons. The machine has gained popularity due to its fabulous power that blends a variety of ingredients with ease.

This Ninja Auto-IQ compact model performs quickly making perfect blends of your various recipes which saves plenty of time in the kitchen. Most users have also appreciated the easy to use controls as well as the smooth technology which works on your toughest ingredients.

The blender machine has seen very minimal negative reviews due to lack of any major flaws. There have been a few reports of malfunction which have been resolved appropriately by refunds and replacements.


This counter-top type of blender comes in color options Silver and black. It has a light weight of 7.4 pounds which makes it easily portable. The length, width and height are 7.8, 8.8 and 15.5 respectively which most have said makes it easy to store this product in the kitchen cabinet.

The Nutri Ninja blender is affordably priced at $149.99 with free Shipping on amazon which definitely offers you the best buying platform to order your product from at any time, so that you may enjoy all its blending benefits


The Nutri Ninja blender is entirely very awesome and ideal for making smoothies, mix your dough and many more recipes. Its powerful motor and smooth boost technology enables the blender to break down entire fruits, vegetables and ice to make your perfectly blended and nutrient rich juices.

This Nutri Ninja countertop blender clearly has great features which are worth its affordable and reasonable pricing and you should not hesitate to acquire yours and make your drink-making experience a great success.

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